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About Club-Sports

If you've ever managed a sports club, when you consider all its members, competitions, events, scoring records, continual communications and chasing up etc. you'll know how time consuming an undertaking it can be.

The intention of this website is to take a lot of that work off your hands by allowing the members of your club to do some of those things themselves, leaving you more time to pursue the sports you love.

The first sport that the website was created for is golf, with the plan to extend it more fully to other sports in the future. However the generic features of this site can potentially be used for many other sports that require management of:

Currently for golf, you have additional benefits including:

How it Works

Register your club, and you will receive

  1. Member User name and password
  2. These are the login details you provide to all of your members. With this they will be able to sign in and view competition draws, competition status and view diary events etc. In general they won't be able to change anything but they will be able to enter scores and match results. A great help to any club organiser!

  3. Admin password
  4. This would be only for the club organisers. Once logged in as club admin, you will be able to add members, add/remove competitions, undo match results (if members enter incorrectly), keep the diary updated and much more.

If you have any questions about the great features Club-Sports has to offer, please send an email to

Thanks for taking the time to check out Club Sports!